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“I’m willing to learn to love myself.”

– Louise Hay

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All is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition

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Meditations for Personal Healing


Learn what causes the common imbalances and probable mental causes for physical illnesses that prevent you from living the extraordinary life you deserve. If you’ve ever suffered from disease or discomfort in any of the following areas, this 5-Lesson Audio Download Course will be your transformational guide from illness to wellness. 

Inspiring and relaxing, these 13 Audio Download meditations read by Louise L. Hay will remind you of the beauty that surrounds you every day of your life...a beauty that is sometimes taken for granted. These meditations include: Your Healing Light, Love Is Healing, Feel Your Power and many more.

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I’d been teaching for years. While I personally do not need proof to know that these methods work—I rely on what I call my “Inner Ding” to evaluate things—I know there are many people who will only consider a new idea if there is science behind it.

In our book All Is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition, we presented the science and gave you a step-by-step way of moving from illness to wellness. In the process, I learned even more about my own work. I gained a much deeper understanding of what I’d been teaching all along, and I came to see even more vividly how interconnected our emotions, thoughts, and health really are.

This new book adds another dimension: it does for the mind what the first book did for the body, outlining the connections between emotional wellness and prescriptions for healing. I know you will use the information in this book to create a healthy and happy life.

Mona Lisa Schulz, whom I love and adore, promised me for ages that she would pull together scientific evidence to support what

Louise has been teaching us for decades that the good and the dis-ease in our life are the results of thoughts and that thoughts form our experience.  

We’ve learned that for every effect in our lives, there’s a thought pattern that precedes and maintains it. Our consistent thinking patterns create our experiences. Therefore, by changing our thought patterns, we can change our experiences.


Louise has helped people change their thoughts and their experiences with affirmations to help them improve their health; now medicine and science are doing the same through cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, stress reduction, and “mindfulness” therapy.

Along with Louise, Dr. Mona Lisa is going to help you learn how to heal your mind, which will ultimately heal your body, problem by problem, area of the brain by area of the brain. They will teach you how to create wholeness. 

Whether it’s the brain or the body, to become whole, there are an array of solutions that can help support your body—medicines, herbs, nutritional supplements, affirmations, and a variety of  body work—with the healing process. It’s important that you know everything that’s available in front of you like a buffet. A plethora of solutions. A cornucopia of remedies from which you and your practitioner may choose to create whole health. 

A Note from Louise

You’ll learn what’s going on in your brain and body when:

  • You feel sad, angry, or panicked
  • An addictive substance or behavior has hold of you
  • You have trouble focusing, reading, or remembering
  • A past trauma is clouding your mind in the present
  • An emotional state is a clue to a physical ailment 
  • And more

Heal Your Mind puts all these tools at your disposal to help you choose your own path toward wholeness. This book continues the three-pronged healing approach that Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz and Louise Hay pioneered together in All Is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition. Here, it’s applied to aspects of the mind ranging from depression, anxiety, and addiction to memory, learning, and even mystical states.

And in each chapter, you’ll get a “virtual healing experience” through case studies in the All Is Well Clinic, where Dr. Mona Lisa uses medical intuition to pinpoint issues in a wide range of prototypical client histories and she and Louise offer solutions and affirmations to help restore well-being.

Learn what causes the common imbalances and probable mental causes for physical illnesses that prevent you from living the extraordinary life you deserve. If you’ve ever suffered from disease or discomfort, this will be your transformational guide from illness to wellness.

It’s time to start taking charge of your own life. Your medical conditions and physical pain can disappear and it all starts in your thoughts.

Order your copy of Heal Your Mind today and don’t miss out on your incredible bonuses that will help you along your journey to a better life. These will help you dig deep into the mind-body connection.

“Life is an endless opportunity to love ourselves, past, present and future. Loving and accepting every part of ourselves is healing. How can we possibly be whole and healed if we are rejecting any parts of ourselves. Healing is to make ourselves whole again, love yourself, every part of yourself, and the whole.”

– Louise Hay

And after using all those solutions, we may have just a little bit of an easier time curbing our frustration when a boss, mate, child, or parent is bearing down with demands. And after healing our minds throughout our lives with medicines, supplements, therapy, and affirmations, it may be just a little bit easier for us to go after what we want, even if we’re aware that someone we care about may get angry.

By learning across your lifetime, using all these solutions, you’ll be better able to juggle your feelings with someone else’s and what you want with what society wants. And, you will learn how to use your right brain and left brain, frontal lobe and temporal lobe, to begin the process of balancing your feelings and what you want with your soul and the divine.

It’s with this understanding of personality types, personality quirks, and shaping one’s personality toward happiness that we go on to the following case.

A Visit to the All Is Well Clinic

Personality Styles - Finding Yourself

Within Heal Your Mind, you’ll be able to determine if you have the problem by looking at a list of its symptoms in body and mind. There will be a brief example of a prototypical client’s history, and then there will be a whole menu of suggestions, strategies you can employ to heal. In this way you get a virtual healing experience right in your own home, with medicines, nutritional supplements, herbs, and whole-body prescriptions drawn from Louise’s and Dr. Mona Lisa’s areas of expertise in helping people heal. You’ll get the opportunity to bring to your healing team at home the different approaches to treatment, ranging from supplements to therapy to new behaviors, new thought patterns, and on and on.

This is your chance to be a client in Louise’s and Dr. Mona Lisa’s virtual mind-body clinic.

Learning is a key part of our intuition. It’s a specific part of our brain style. Everyone has intuition in one form or another, and it’s born out of your unique brain style. Everyone has an area of genius and everyone has an area as a result that’s not so well defined, that allows them to develop intuition.

We spend our whole lives trying to find happiness, looking for it in families, relationships, money, work, children, activism in the world, education, and spirituality. But still we may not feel joy.

You may not know it, but you’ve spent your whole life trying to learn how to be happy. You’ve been trying to mold your brain circuits toward peace. And when we get older and perhaps wiser, we begin to look for peace and harmony between ourselves, others, and mankind in general. Happiness and peace seem to be that elusive essence that all of us are looking for. We spend our whole lives trying to learn how to acquire it.

Every single one of us is born with some difficulty, some challenge, in acquiring happiness and peace. Whether it’s a problem with depression or irritability (Chapter 1), anxiety (Chapter 2), addiction (Chapter 3), learning (Chapter 4), and so on, not to mention health problems, we all try to file off the rough edges of our personality and shape ourselves so that we can come closer to peace. This pursuit of happiness is, in essence, learning how to shape our personality.

In essence, when we are healing our mind with medicine, affirmations, and intuition, the wholeness—the peace—we are trying to achieve is what we call “finding ourselves.” Finding yourself is trying to add those little bits and pieces to your psyche that are weak or missing that make it harder for the nutritional supplements, medicines, or therapies of any kind to fix your depression, irritability, anxiety, or other brain problems in a lasting way.

Brain and Learning Styles

To create wholeness in the brain, one needs balance. Yin needs yang; we need to offset our right brain with our left; and when it comes to personality, we need to balance our frontal lobe and temporal lobe.

After working with medicines, supplements, therapies, and affirmations, it may be easier to utilize the circuits in our brain between our frontal lobe and temporal lobe to feel like we “fit in” just a little bit more.

What is the connection between your unique learning style, maybe even learning disability, and medical intuition? Simple. Intuition is the capacity to make a correct decision with insufficient information. So when it comes to your brain and body style, in the areas where you have had problems—say, problems acquiring information (learning)—at times you have to fill in the gaps with intuition to function. Medical intuition is a unique source of how we learn, remember, and make decisions in our lives.

All of us can fine-tune every area of our brain to learn even more efficiently than it already does.

Please understand that any solution you attempt has to be part of a healing partnership. Nurturance is part of healing, and healing cannot be done in isolation. So resist the impulse to go it alone. Take the information in the book, find a skilled, credentialed, empathic practitioner—maybe even a healer—and assemble a plan. Together, you’ll use the tools in this book to help you support your brain, your mind, and your spirit so you can make the changes you want in your life.

If you want to create wholeness and happiness in your life, join the club. We’re all in it. You can learn how to love yourself just the way you are and also unveil and unearth more and more of your true self through affirmations. Consider the following affirmations to help you heal your mind to create wholeness and happiness:

  • I am willing to change. 
  • Life is very simple. 
  • Remember we are dealing with thoughts, and thoughts can be changed. 
  • We can change our attitude toward the past. 
  • In my mind I have total freedom. 
  • I now move into a new space of consciousness where I am willing to see myself differently. I am willing to create new thoughts about myself and my life. My new thinking becomes my new experiences. 
  • The universe is more than willing to manifest my new beliefs, and I accept this abundant life with joy, pleasure, and gratitude, for I am deserving. I accept it. I know it to be true.

Sarah: Escaping Perpetual Crisis

All of our personalities affect our moods, our anxiety, and our capacity to learn, whether it’s in its most severe form, as in Sarah’s daughter, or in its mildest form, or somewhere in between. If you yourself have a problem with depression, irritability, panic, addiction, or an array of health problems, don’t just work on each of these individual problems. Learn to shape the features of your personality so you can better adapt between your feelings and someone else’s and society in general.

Otherwise, you may find that medicines, nutritional supplements, therapies, and affirmations will work for only a while. And then invariably something will change in your family or relationship, your finances, or your work, and then you’re likely to lose it. Lose the balance of wholeness you’d achieved.

Everyone has someone in their life like Sarah’s daughter. Everyone is going to find someone, whether it’s a mother or a father, a boyfriend or girlfriend or boss, that they’ll feel the impulse to “get through to.” If only we could get them to change, we would be happier, and then we would be not depressed, not anxious, definitely not irritable, and we would sleep better, eat better, and be at peace. World peace. It doesn’t work that way. If your health and happiness are dependent on someone else changing, you have problems.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and affirmations are all tools that can help you learn to change someone—and that someone is you.

We all need to learn that when someone in our life has mind-body challenges, we may help them but we also need to employ a DBT skill called Radical Acceptance. Radical Acceptance involves learning the balance between willfulness—changing a situation—and willingness to accept that things will happen the way they happen. Radical Acceptance does not mean that you are pleased with the results of what’s happened to your friend, family member, and so on, or that you feel it’s fair, right, or just. Radically accepting the situation in your life that’s “keeping you up at night” is the only way out of your suffering. To perpetually try to “get through to them,” to “change them,” only increases your chance of being chronically depressed, irritable, and anxious, and such emotions may potentially lead you to addiction and a host of health problems. We know that those chronic emotions can injure your adrenal gland hormones, changing levels of estrogen and cortisol, influencing your immune system.

Sarah called me for a reading because she said she was having trouble getting to sleep.


When I first started reading Sarah, her house felt like a M.A.S.H. unit. I could hear the phones going around and around and around, ringing, ringing, ringing. Her thoughts would go around and around in her head. I had a hard time seeing Sarah in a significant relationship with anybody else other than her phone.

Sarah seemed to work long hours into the night at some kind of job; it seemed like she was always paying bills, paying bills, paying bills. And then I would see Sarah on the phone trying to get through to someone, trying to change his or her point of view.

There was pressure on Sarah’s head. It felt like she was hitting her head against a brick wall. Did she have problems with antibodies directed against her thyroid? I saw a change in heart rhythm, some kind of skipping of a beat. I wondered if Sarah was concerned about densities in her chest region around her breasts, especially on the left side. In addition, I wondered whether Sarah’s frustration and panic increased her adrenal gland’s capacity to make estrogen and cortisol. However, as I was reading her body, I kept seeing her on the phone trying to get through to someone.




Sarah told me that, yes, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast, but she told me the reading was really about her daughter, Ruby. She said, “You’re right. I was always on the phone trying to get through to my daughter. My daughter has had a very painful life. She’s been struggling with unstable mood and behavior throughout her whole life.


Are you, like Sarah, thinking your problem in your mind and body is only one symptom?

Sarah first thought her central problem was insomnia. Then, after a while, she admitted she was worried about her daughter, whom she couldn’t get through to, because her daughter might have some personality disorder.


What Others are Saying About Heal Your Mind

Heal Your Mind is a much-needed guidebook to understanding the relationship between your mind and your health. It is a treasure chest of insights that merge wisdom and essential health information. And, it’s a great read.”

Caroline Myss, New York Times best-selling author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Defy Gravity

“Holism, as detailed in this wonderful text, represents an empowering platform from which we can truly embrace the underpinnings of our motivations, emotions, and perceptions of the world around us. Heal Your Mind’s expansive, far-reaching, and unrestrained perspective compassionately guides the reader with an actionable plan that will immediately help you reframe your sense of what it means to be at peace.”

David Perlmutter, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of Grain Brain and Brain Maker 

“As a psychiatrist, I am thrilled when a book that can heal the mind becomes available. In their brilliant new work, Mona Lisa Schulz and Louise Hay blend their wisdom and expertise to offer profound healing advice for both mind and body. This book is truly a treasure, combining elements of modern brain chemistry and nutrition with intuitional insight and affirmations that can help to rewire and restore brain function.
I highly recommend Heal Your Mind.”

Brian L. Weiss, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of Many Lives, Many Masters

“Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz lays out a road map in a profoundly powerful and simple way on how to heal your mind, your body, and your soul. Anyone who takes the journey in reading this marvelous book and applies the practical tools will surely transform themselves and their life. Heal Your Mind is the manual for anyone who’s on the path to wholeness. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza, New York Times best-selling author of You Are the Placebo

“If they gave Nobel Prizes in spirit, mind, and body work, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz would be awarded one. She is an expert in giving us the latest research, and part of her brilliance and credibility comes from her own traumas and life experience. This book is witty and easy to read and understand. I encourage you to allow Dr. Schulz to be your partner in your quest for healing and wholeness.”

Naomi Judd, Grammy award–winning singer/songwriter, author, speaker, and activist

Heal Your Mind is a wonderful, integrative approach for anyone who wants to use the power of their spirit to better their brain.”

Mike Dow, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of The Brain Fog Fix

“Welcome to the All Is Well Clinic presented by Mona Lisa Schulz and Louise Hay in their brilliant new book! Come inside and let Heal Your Mind help you to heal your life.”

Robert Holden, author of Life Loves You, co-authored with Louise Hay

“I love myself just the way I am.”

– Louise Hay

Louise Hay

About the Authors

Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz is one of those rare people who can cross the borders of intuition, science, medicine, and mysticism. An internationally known expert in Medical Intuition and Mind-Body Medicine, she has authored and co-authored books published in 23 languages. Dr. Mona Lisa is an MD, is Board Certified in Psychiatry and has a Phd in Brain Science. A medical intuitive for over 30yrs and a practicing Neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Mona Lisa has published 5 books, Heal Your Mind (with Louise Hay), All Is Well (with Louise Hay), The Intuitive Advisor, The New Feminine Brain, Awakening Intuition. She lives between Yarmouth, Maine and Franklin, Tennessee with her four cats and assorted wildlife. 


Louise Hay, the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 50 million books sold worldwide. For more than 30 years, she has helped people throughout the world discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and many other TV and radio programs both in the U.S. and abroad.  

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